“We had a very pleasant experience during all phases of our basement construction. Brooke and Todd are very personable, professional, and provided amazing communication throughout our project. It was a blast to visit with all of the sub-contractors and watch them show off their amazing trade skills. Level B Inc. transformed our empty, dark, cold, cobweb filled basement into a masterpiece. Many Thanks!”
Roland, Peyton and Sela

“Many thanks for a job well done. You and Brooke are a great team. All your tradesmen did an outstanding job.”

Thanks for building something we truly love and will enjoy.”

“It’s exactly what we asked for, an office, guest suite, movie watching, exercise and entertaining area. You did good. Thank you very much!”

“We recently moved from a small 1300sqft condo in New York City to a large house in Denver in which our entire condo could fit inside of the unfinished basement with room to spare. Having lived in small spaces for so long, we wanted to get the most out of the new space and decided to finish the basement right away. Our bid from Denver Home Concepts was quite honestly a backup. We’d already received bids from two other contractors who had finished basements of family. We really liked the work (and pricing) of each of the contractors and were resolved to choose between them for our own project. However, when DHC/Level B showed up with their floor plan and full rendering of the imagined space, we could immediately see a huge difference in terms of design. We had sent each of the bidding contractors an extensive wish list along with multiple photographs of ideas for inspiration. Brooke with Level B was the only one to really take our ideas and run with them. Not only did she incorporate virtually every item we asked for, the rendered space had such flow and function that it just blew the other designs away. What’s more, the bid price was lower than the competing bids we had. We decided to move forward with DHC/Level B and had an awesome experience with them. Here are some specific points of satisfaction worth mentioning:

Budget / Scope: The bid was accurate! The only items that went over budget were upgrades that I requested. They were always upfront about costs and also looked for any ways to save us money throughout the project. In the end, we were very close to the original budget despite all of the upgrades I had chosen.

Timeline: From inception, the work went really fast. There was virtually no downtime. They set the right expectations up front and the finished in the time they estimated.

Service: Unbelievable! I have never heard of contractor team being so responsive. Throughout the project I was able to reach them with questions, ideas etc., generally in a matter of minutes! They checked in with us several times a week to make sure we knew what was going on, the work to be done that day, deliveries to expect etc. They were very hands-on throughout and also utilized an excellent team of sub-contractors. The work was top-notch; especially the flooring, electrical, and finishing carpentry. The team was extremely friendly and we trusted them in our home. Ultimately, they made us feel that it wasn’t a just another job for them and that they cared about the success of the project as much as we did.

Design and Execution: We are so incredibly happy with the finished product. Coming from NYC with several friends in the design business, we had pretty high standards for what we wanted. DHC & Level B exceeded our expectations in every way. We had gone with a modern/industrial theme and careful consideration was made to every minute detail of the space. This included everything from tiles, stains, cabinetry and countertops to display niches, secret bookcase doors (hiding our utilities), art lighting, and reclaimed wood accents. Most importantly, the floor plan was an extraordinary use of space. Whereas I (and I suspect even most contractors) think of how to divide a space into squares and rectangles, Brooke really demonstrated her mastery in conceptualizing the space. Her design incorporated a large living space, workout room, billiards area, kids play room, bathroom, wine cellar, wet bar, built-in eating area, and lots of storage while somehow maintaining a roomy open flow. It is really a remarkable space and is truly the envy of our friends and family.”

“You guys have been outstanding!! The process couldn’t have been any smoother and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Thank you to both you and Todd for a job well done!!”

“I worked with Brooke Munson, Interior Designer Level B, Inc., on a very comprehensive kitchen remodel involving the complete demolish of my existing kitchen, replaced by a much larger structure accommodating both a new kitchen and a laundry room/mudroom. As such, Brooke needed be conscious of the exterior as well as interior. Brooke brought to the project an exceptional design expertise that proved essential in developing the functional, attractive kitchen of my dreams. The process was lengthy due to various revisions made necessary by the city and me changing my mind on details. Throughout, Brooke was professional, pleasant to work with and extremely patient. Brooke is a creative, resourceful person who offered suggestions for improving the design and for staying on budget. Her fees were very fair. I recommend Brooke to others without hesitation and would be happy to be contacted personally by prospective clients.”