Design and Build Process

At Level B Inc Basement Finishing, our design and build process is a seamless journey that takes your basement from a blank canvas to a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Design it

We’ll discuss ideas and possibilities for your basement. Once measurements are received we can start your design and planning process. We’ll design a floor plan and 3D digital model of your new basement so you can easily visualize what your basement will look like.

Build it

We will take a standard concrete basement that is structurally sound and customize it into a finished, livable customized area for you to enjoy.

Finish it

It all begins with an idea. We’ll hold your hand all the way through from designing the layout, to picking out tiles, carpets, countertops, paint, and cabinets. We’ll keep you in the loop the entire time as we go through the process.

Our Design and Build Process

In this section are the different trades you will see throughout your project. We will take a standard concrete basement and transform it into a finished, livable customized area for you to enjoy. (Note) that your specific project may include some extra steps, especially if you are planning to add in a bathroom, fireplace, and or hidden bookcase doors. Most costumers choose not to finish the section of their basement that houses their furnace/ac, water heater, and other major systems, opting instead to just frame it off and leave it as an unfinished area. As a reminder, you can contact us with any questions you may have about your particular project and we would love to go over some of these items with you.

Free Initial Consultation
We start by taking a good look at your basement. Measurements and lots of note-taking happens at this point. We’ll discuss ideas and possibilities for your basement. From there, we’ll take those concepts and run with them.
3D Design and Planning

Once measurements are received we can start your design and planning processes. We’ll design a floor plan and 3D digital model of your new basement so you can easily visualize what your basement will look like. We will have various meetings to discuss colors and concepts to get the project to an estimated price point that the customer is happy with and at that point we can begin.

Permitting and city Municipalities

Our experience and expertise will allow for a smooth working relationship with any city or municipality in the Denver Metro Area. This will guarantee a solid and recorded permitting prosses.

Getting a permit protects you against future changes in building codes. Both our designer and project manager are licensed by the ICC (International Code Council). Our tradesmen are licensed under their own specialty license. The number of rules and regulations for each section is stout. Let us navigate you through that.

Preparing your basement for construction

It is important to make sure the area is clear for us to work in. Most people with an unfinished basement use the space for storage, which means that it’s inherently the place for things with nowhere else to go. If you’re finishing your basement, though, you’ll need to completely clear it out.

Don’t have anyplace in your home to store everything? You’ve got a couple of options, including renting a self-storage unit or a portable storage container. After all, you are not just finishing up your basement to use it again for storage, are you?

Possible Leaks or Moisture

Basement water leaks are actually and unfortunately very common. If you don’t test for them early on, you could end up with water damage that ruins all of your hard work.

Please let us know if you have experienced any water leaks in the past and we can do our own assessment to see if the issue needs any further attention.

It is in your best interest and ours that those items get addressed before any construction is done. Some locations to check are windows, water heaters, furnace / AC unit, and main drain cleanout locations.

Rough Framing, Electric, Plumbing, HAVC

Rough framing walls – The first major structural component that will go into place. Many unfinished basements have simple concrete walls, that will have to be framed and on most occasions insulated as well.

Rough Electric – All electrical cables have been pulled through studs and other framing members and are inserted into wall and ceiling boxes. Light switches, outlets, lights, and other devices are not attached.

Rough Plumbing – all water supply and drain pipes have been run through bore holes in the studs and other framing members, and that all pipe connections have been made. No sinks, faucets, or other fixtures or end elements have yet been installed. It is a good idea to order such items now to ensure on time delivery.

Rough HVAC – All ductwork has been installed, yet exterior walls have not been put in place. HVAC ductwork insures all appliances meet air and exhaust guidelines and well as insuring the basement has adequate air flow.

Tile and Flooring

A popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and back splashes tiles can bring color, pattern, texture, a natural look or even a bit of glamor to any area of your basement.

Choose a type of flooring that works well in the space in terms of both function and style. Carpet is a pretty standard option, but you can also go with something low-maintenance like vinyl or laminate. Wood isn’t ideal, due to the basement’s tendency to attract moisture. but today’s vinyl and laminate options offer the same look as hardwood with a lot more durability and much lower costs.

Paint and Stains

The paint color you choose can make or break this space. The right hue can fill your basement with light, make it appear larger, and transform it into a place that your family and friends will love.

The purpose of wood staining is to color the natural surface of the wood. Stain preserves the grain of the wood while giving it a more appealing color.

Final Clean and Inspection Item list

At this point in the project we like to touch base with the customer address any detailed concerns they might have, and address them as much as possible. We don’t rush. We aren’t finished with the job until you are 100% satisfied.


What Our Client’s Say

Jennifer Whitfield
Jennifer Whitfield
Mait and his team were an absolute pleasure to interact with. He was incredibly patient and accommodating to all of my questions and requests, and was never condescending or unkind in any way despite my ignorance of the build process - something that was not true with other bidders I worked with.
Guy Dreier
Guy Dreier
We had the absolute pleasure of having Mait work on our basement renovation proposal. Every interaction with Mait was at a level of professionalism that seems harder and harder to find these days. Mait provided timely proposals, walked us through all the options, and gave us a 3d digital model of the project that allowed us to really see what we were getting. Had we just been doing the basement we would have used Level B without question due to our interactions during the bidding and his competitive price. However, we are also renovating a master bathroom at the same time, and due to economy of scale, we had to use another GC to take both on at the same time. Even after letting him know that we had to go in another direction, Mait still called us and made sure we had covered our bases with the other GC, and said if anything comes up, he is happy to help us out along the way. Again, that is a level of service you just don't see anymore. If you need a GC for your basement renovation project, Level B should be a must on that bid list.
Greg Kittilson
Greg Kittilson
Level B did an awesome job on our basement finishing. We had some ideas, but Mait really provided different insights. His early CAD designs gave us great visuals on how the finished product would turn out. The team worked around our schedule and closed out the project on time and on budget. We highly recommend Mait, Brooke, and Octavio!
Trevor Chapin
Trevor Chapin
Exceptional quality, design, communication and professionalism from the whole team at Level B! We’re thrilled with our new basement and would recommend this company to anyone looking for a full or partial basement remodel. Thanks Brooke & Mait!
Colby McDonald
Colby McDonald
I was hesitant to get my basement finished when i moved into my house in 2019, we have all heard horror stories of how things can go on major construction. Once i got Brooke's contact info at Level B we did a quick quote and draw up of what I wanted done and Brooke handled everything with no problems. Everyone was professional, competent, and best of all timely. I thought getting my basement finished would be a 6-8 month window, Level B had it finished in 4. Would recommend to any friends, family, or strangers - If you have a major project Level B is a safe bet for a high quality product!
They also did the framing and floor plan design. I'm really satisfied with all that they did. They started promptly and and everything flowed together nicely. Very professional and organized as well as experienced. Would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much guys.
Kez Griffin
Kez Griffin
Level B is a great choice when it comes to finishing your basement! They were patient, worked with our schedule and everything turned out looking great. I suggest choosing Level B if you're seeking great quality work and great customer service!
Katie Morgan
Katie Morgan
We just completed a basement finishing project with Level B. Brooke and her team did an excellent job. The quality is fantastic, all inspections passed easily, and overall they were very responsive. We love our new space and use it daily! Our basement was completely unfinished and they developed plans, added an egress window, added a bathroom, art studio, and general purpose room. Would definitely recommend Level B.
Mike Uhlenkamp
Mike Uhlenkamp
Level B was amazing to work with on completing our basement finish. They were always extremely responsive and the end project was amazing. They worked with us on insuring we got exactly what we wanted. Highly recommend and would use them again in an instant.