DIY Basement Finishing

Looking to put some sweat equity into your basement? We can do all the hard stuff and let you finish off the rest on your own. We’ll do the design, pull all the permits, frame, run electrical, rough plumbing, insulation, drywall, texture and you can do the rest. We can also do anything past the texture as well including trim, doors, cabinetry, flooring, carpet, tile, finish plumbing, and paint. By doing it this way, you can cut the bill by about 30%-40% depending on your plan.

Why should you let us get you started? Here are some reasons.

  • Licensed – Both our designer and project manager are licensed by the ICC (International Code Council). Our tradesmen are licensed under their own specialty license. The number of rules and regulations for each section is stout. Let us navigate you through that.
  • Experience – We’ve been working with most of our tradesmen since 2011. We know their quality of work. We’ve built about 20 basements each year.
  • Insurance – If you build your basement without a permit, your insurance may not cover you if they determine the problem began in an unpermitted area in your home.
  • Time – We can have your basement completed in weeks instead of years. Many times people have good intentions of finishing the basement themselves but life has a way of keeping us busy.
  • Mistakes – Did you build that wall too close to the front of the furnace? Did you build a floating wall with enough space from the ground? Did you add fire blocking at your top plate? What about egress? Let us save you from those frustrations.
  • Plans – Even though we are only taking the job part way, you’ll have all the design plans to finish the remaining jobs at your own pace.
  • Quality – Check out our portfolio and references. We don’t rush. We aren’t finished with the job until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Money – We have a price guarantee. Sometimes there are surprises that come up. Once we’ve quoted you the price, that’s the price.

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